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Star's Premier State of the Art Preschool & Learning Center

River Academy Preschool and Learning Center was built to fill the need for high quality Early Childhood Education and Childcare in the Star area. We want to ensure the best possible educational experience for your children while maintaining an environment of stability, safety, care, exploration and fun.

We believe these to be essential elements in encouraging developmental growth educationally, cognitively, physically, mentally and emotionally as we address each learner individually and holistically.

See our many services below…

  • School Vans for Pickup - Dropoffs
  • 360 Building / Campus Security Cameras
  • Upgraded Kitchen for Meal Preparation
  • Security Access and Tuition Software
  • CPR and 1st Aid Trained Staff
  • Proper Teacher to Student Ratios
  • Online Learning Options
  • Summer Care Programs
  • Seasonal Activities and Fun
  • See full details below...

Top Rated Teachers

Care providers and teachers will be the first to tell you how important early education is for young children. It shapes the rest of their lives and can provide a head start in learning and socialization. We pay teachers fairly and we staff an experienced management team to oversee daily activities.


Security & Safety

We want parents to feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. Therefore, we’ll have you select a unique 4-digit code only known to yourself and our Brightwheel Software, to enhance security. Parents must also provide the proper credentials to enter our locked facility for pickup and drop-off.



Cleanliness is a priority with us and our state of the art building is equipped with filters to eliminate germs. We also regularly clean and sanitize rooms, toys, tables, and so on in order to maintain proper health standards. We are also equipped with a commercial grade kitchen – see sample menu.


Check-in During the Day

Stay updated on what your kids are doing throughout the day with our Brightwheel Software. Our secure program provides a personalized credentialed access code to log on at any point of the day to view updates, progress, or notes on your child’s day and to give you peace of mind.


Pickup & Drop-off Vans

River Academy takes our school access very seriously and it starts and ends with our private school vans. You can depend on our staff members to arrive on time and to drive safely while picking up or dropping off you child. We’re never in so much of a hurry as to cut corners – safety is paramount!


Fun & Modern Curriculum

At River Academy, we believe every child is capable of limitless possibilities. Independence, confidence – and the ‘Love of Learning’ is our mission for all our students. By individualizing our teaching styles, we have eliminated the outdated expectation that every child learns the same way.


Seasonal Activities & Fun

The Star area is filled with four distinct seasons and all of the holidays in between. That’s why there’s always something fun and exciting for kids to do at River Academy Preschool and Learning Center. Birthdays, holidays, cold days, raining days, sunny days, dress up days – and always fun days!


CPR & First Aid Trained

Let’s face it – kids are always busy and on the go because they have so much energy to burn. Don’t worry, when those times that scraped knees or other minor boo-boos creep in – the River Academy staff is properly CPR and First Aid trained. We care for your child on many levels!


Brightwheel Software

Record student progress and developmental milestones with pre-loaded learning standards, then share with parents or staff. Click the button below to learn about Brightwheel.

Learn About Brightwheel

Upgraded - Modern Kitchen

Kids get really hungry during their busy day at school. That's why we have an upgraded and modern kitchen to keep up with their dietary needs! See our sample menu below.

Sample School Menu


6 - 12 months old

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1 - 3 years of age

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3 - 5 years of age

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Advanced Pre-Kindergarten

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"We are so thankful for River Academy. They provide a safe and fun learning environment for our two children. We never have to worry throughout the day because the staff is more than caring and fully competent. Just in case you're missing your kids you can check in on them with the software. We are more than pleased."

- Becky C. Star Idaho

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