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Modern payment and security software... One more thing that puts us above local childcare facilities.

River Academy - We give you peace of mind!

We want parents to feel one hundred percent comfortable leaving their children in our care. To help ensure that, each parent will select a unique 4-digit code only known to themselves for our Brightwheel Software, to further enhance security.

Parents will have to provide the proper credentials to enter the locked facility each day for pick-up and drop-off. Not only does it give you the comfort of knowing your child is safe in a locked building that only certain individuals may enter, but it will also give you access to log on at any point of the day to look at our Kids Cam to see how your child is doing.

Updates will be posted periodically everyday by your child’s teacher letting you know what your child has learned that day, what they have eaten, when they took a nap and for how long, activities they engaged in, and other things that may occur throughout the day.

Brightwheel Software - Easy Payments

We want to make things as easy for you as possible, imagine making tuition payments with just a few clicks. Brightwheel is the safest, most convenient way to process child care payments. Fully integrated with our system, each payment is automatically posted to each family’s account.

You’ll also enjoy the lowest fees and outstanding service! Detailed transaction reports show you what you have paid and when, to help keep everyone on track. Brightwheel handles individual Point of Sale credit card payments and recurring charges, as well as auto drafts from checking or savings accounts. No hassles, no delay.

You can make payments five ways; EFT’s from each parent’s bank account into ours, debit or credit cards paid automatically, online, at check in, or at the front desk.

Brightwheel is used in more child care centers than all other payment processing systems combined.

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